Since 1975, Condensia manufactures and sells, from its facility in Barcelona, special esters for niche applications and custom products.
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Condensia produces esters and polyesters for PVC, Rubber, Lube, PU, Adhesives, coatings, Personal care and PLA markets.

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Condensia, since its early beginning, has dedicated part of its income to R&D activities in order to develop new products for its customers.
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This is our commitment

Condensia maintains and develops standards of Quality, Health & Safety and respect for the Environment adequate to meet our commitments to our customers, always in accordance with current legislation at National and European level.

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Our Last News

Building better bioplastics Published at 03 Mar, 2020

The prestigious journal "Compounding Word" has published an article in which examines some of the latest developments in biopolymer modification, including the work of Condensia in developing solutions to overcome some of the limitations of PLA...

Manifesto for INNOVATION in Spain Published at 10 Feb, 2020

Condensia adheres to the APD Manifesto for Innovation in Spain, which constitutes the commitment of all companies, organizations and managers interested in urgently promoting innovation as the engine of competitiveness in our country in an incl...

Condensia participes in the EU Erasmus+ Programme Published at 13 Jen, 2020

Condensia participates in the Erasmus+ project which is an EU programme for the support of education, training and youth in Europe.

The aim of this programme is to provi...

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