What We Do

Condensia produces esters, polyesters and polyester-polyols used primarily in the PVC, Rubber, Lubricant, Polyurethane, adhesive, varnish and paint, cosmetics and personal care markets. In the last years we designed and developed a new range of biosustainable additives to use in biodegradable polymer applications, primarily PLA (Polylactic Acid).

What do we do

The main industrial sectors where they are used are:

  • Automotive (cables, components, canvas, upholstery, technical parts).
  • Construction (electrical wiring, tapes, films for waterproofing, paints, caulks, varnishes, pigment pastes).
  • Lubricants (oils for gears, turbines, compressors, motor vehicles).
  • Food (packaging films and articles, adhesives for food contact).
  • Footwear (flexible foams, thermoplastics).
  • Household goods and stationery (adhesives, elastic films, surface coatings, inks).
  • Accessories for industrial machinery (processing aids, printing rollers, conveyor belts, special greases and oils, tires for heavy machinery).
  • Children's items (toys, balls).
  • Medical devices (consumables).
  • Cosmetics (emollients and creams).
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