From Condensia we are thrilled to announce a new partnering with Nordmann, an internationally successful chemical distribution group, with 24 subsidiary companies in Europe, Asia and Norh America. Nordmann will be handling the distribution of Condensia`s specialty esters, polyesters and bio-additives for the rubber, adhesives and plastics industries throughout several European countries(*).

As Torsten Heller, Global Sales Director CASE & Elastomers at Nordmann, comments: "We are extre... Read More...

Published at 12 Feb, 2024

We are pleased to announce that our series of additives for bioplastics, Glyplast OLAs, based on renewable source raw materials and fully biodegradable and compostable, have received approval form EFSA (EUROPEAN FOOD SAFETY AUTHORITY) to be used as plasticizers in plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

Condensia offers a full range of additives for bioplastics that serve as plasticizers, impac... Read More...

Published at 04 Sep, 2023

Condensia has been granted by the Circular Bio-based Euorpe Joint Undertaking and European Union with a new Horizon Europe project.

The goal of the "Versatile FUran-based polymeRs for strIct and high value applicantiOns in packaging, aUtomotive and underwater environmentS (FURIOUS)" proyect is to develop novel versatile polymers based on furan chemistry to replace traditional plastics, particulary in the sectors of biomedical and electronic packaging, automotive and underwater devices... Read More...

Published at 27 Jun, 2023

POLY-K is a special scientific conference on the advances in polymer composites and nanocomposites organized to celebrate the career of Prof. José Kenny and his next retirement from the academic world. The conference wants to celebrate his 40 years dedicated to the scientific research and industrial developments related to materials, science and technology embracing in particular the world of polymers and the progress on nanotechnology,

Condensia has extensively collaborate with Prof...

Published at 28 Mar, 2023

Condensia has received a funded project from the "Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico y la Innovación" (CDTI), part of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, in the "PID Cervera" Frameork Program, which is designed to support the research of high innovation capacity companies.

Particulary, the funded project is related to the development of new addtives using a novel synthetic approach of low environmental impact.

Published at 27 Mar, 2023
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