The FUNGUSCHAIN research project, in which Condensia has participated, has just finished successfully achieving its objectives.

Thanks to the commitment and synergy between its partners, FUNGUSCHAIN has developed different types of bioplastic products. Many formulations were developed combining bioplastic materials and mushroom residue (in addition to additives and bio lubricants). Therefore, a wide range of biodegradable products such as compostable garbage bags, shopping bags or fil... Read More...

Published at 30 Apr, 2021

The Horizon 2020 ECOAT Project is now called ECOFUNCO.

The overall objective of ECOFUNCO is to select, extract and funcionalise molecules that Condensia is using to develop new bio-based coatings for application on two different substrates, specifically cellulosic and plastic based. This will deliver materials for food and personal hygiene use that will offer better performance than currently available products, as well as delivering more sustainable end of life options.

For f...

Published at 30 Apr, 2021

Condensia participes in the Horizon 2020 NextGen Microfluidics Project carrying out exensive research into the next generation of lab-on-a-chip systems. So called mini-labs using foil-based microfluidics for rapid diagnostics kits can then be mass-produced in Europe, with possible application in COVID-19 detection.

The Project combines the competences of 21 companies and research organizations along the entire value chain, with a budget of 15 million Euros for the next 4 years.

Published at 22 Apr, 2021

The prestigious journal "Compounding Word" has published an article in which examines some of the latest developments in biopolymer modification, including the work of Condensia in developing solutions to overcome some of the limitations of PLA, as well as other biopolymers.

Bioplastics will only become a real aternative to traditional polymers made from non-renewable sources when their performance reaches the same level, and for many applications this is not yet the case. However, si... Read More...

Published at 03 Mar, 2020

Condensia adheres to the APD Manifesto for Innovation in Spain, which constitutes the commitment of all companies, organizations and managers interested in urgently promoting innovation as the engine of competitiveness in our country in an inclusive and sustainable environment.

In Condensia we bet on talent as one of our main values that allows us to successfully develop our Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i) proyects. To this end, we identify without bias the professionals ... Read More...

Published at 10 Feb, 2020
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