Condensia participates in the Erasmus+ project which is an EU programme for the support of education, training and youth in Europe.

The aim of this programme is to provide people with the skills required by the employment market and the economy, while enabling them to play an active role in society and achieve full personal devolpment.

Condensia, which shares these values, aims to make efficient use of the p... Read More...

Published at 13 Jen, 2020

It has been published an article on "Shape memory effect on electropun PLA-based fibers tailoring their thermal response" which highlights the behavior of PLA oligomers (OLAs) to obtain a material suitable for use in potential biomedical applications.

The research has been carried out by the R&D Department of Condensia with the Institute of Polymer Science and Technology ICTP-CSIC of Madrid (Spain). Read More...

Published at 13 Jen, 2020
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