Supported by 7th European Framework Agreement, Condensia Quimica has been actively involved in the project Dibbiopack now coming to an end.

The current consumption levels of plastic bags, bottles and packaging made from petroleum, result in high levels of littering and an inefficient use of resources and cause environ­mental pollution, threatening aquatic eco-systems worldwide for the issue of the presence of garbage in the water bodies.

Within this context, the European U...

Published at 29 Feb, 2016

It has been pubished a new article "Composition dependence of the synergistic effect of nucleating agent and plastizicer in poly(lactic): A Mixture Design study" on our Glyplast OLA 8.

The article studies the blends consisting of commercial poly(lactic acid) (PLA), poly(lactic acid) oligomer (OLA8) as plasticizer and a sulfonic salt of a phthalic ester and poly(D-lactic acid) as nucleating, thus allowing an easier processing of PLA based materials.

The research was carried ...

Published at 04 Feb, 2016
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