Bioplastic Additives

Condensia offers a broad range of additives and plasticizers for bioplastics such as PLA, PHA, PBAT, PBS, starch, etc; which are green solutions for innovative applications like single use materials in food packaging, non-woven textile, coffee cups, shopping bags, etc.

They impart performing benefits to the end products:

  • Reducing the melt viscosity
  • Modifying mechanical and thermal properties
  • Promoting biodegradability
  • Improving the compatibility bioplastic-bioplastic and bioplastic-fillers
  • Increasing biobased content

Glyplast® OLAs and Glyplast ® PAs are additives characterized by low toxicity, low volatility, high solvating performance, low migration, high biodegradability, bio-based content and absence of residues and impurities. Due to these remarkable properties these plasticizers are generally adapted to undergo very strict legislation such as 10/2011 EC and its updates about Food Contact Materials.

Additives for bioplastics

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