About Horizon 2020 Project Funguschain
Published at 16 May, 2017

Condensia participate in the Horizon 2020 Funguschain Project, which held its second meeting in Alicante (Spain) last 4th April 2017.

Each year, the European Union produces around 90 million of tonnes of food waste. If we focus on the mushroom farming industry alone, each week more than 60,000 tons are generated. There are, however, major opportunities to turn these outcomes into high value products and this is exactly what the FUNGUSCHAIN Project aims to do, by means of setting up innovative processes in a new biorefinery.

FUNGUSCHAIN make uses of new cascading processes to extract high value molecules from the fungal residue following the requirements of a range of end-users. A first extraction yield antimicrobials & antioxidants, proteins, polyols and polysaccharides. Further processing will complete the value chain for delivering cleaning, food and plastic products. The remaining residues will be used for composting or biogas synthesis, thus closing the agricultural cycle.

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