Polymeric plasticizers


Coatings are materials that get applied to another material. Coatings can be industrial or decorative, depending on their intended purpose. Industrial coatings protect the substrate, improve the performance of the final product and may even change the surface properties of the product. Decorative coatings, such as paints and lacquers, enhance the appearance of the product and can be applied to a wide variety of substrates, including paper, film, foil, wood and metals.


Adhesives contain a binding agent and hold multiple substrates together. Also known as glue, cement or paste, adhesives provide several benefits over traditional fastening methods. Adhesives can bind substrates of different materials and the application involves various methods, including contact, drying, heat and pressure.


They prevent fluids from passing through surfaces, joints or openings in materials.

Sealants can also provide thermal and acoustical insulation, possess electrical properties, and can be used for simple smoothing or filling.


They are a subset of polymers that possess incredibly versatile properties – high durability, strength, pliability, high thermal stability, great chemical resistance, high tensile strength, low shrinkage, high flexibility, low weight, good printability, and high surface quality. These properties enable elastomers to be used for an endless number of functions and industries.


Product Name Viscosity
mPa.s (25°C)
Solubility in Water High Temperature Resistance Low Temperature Resistance EU Food Contact Applications
Glyplast 1070C 15000 100 N ++ + N Elastomers and paints
Glyplast 206/3 NL 850 80 N ++ ++ Y Adhesives and paints
Glyplast 206/5 NL 2200 80 N ++ + Y Adhesives and paints
Glyplast 206/7 NL 4000 80 N +++ + Y Adhesives and paints
Glyplast 7024 7500 150 Y ++ ++ N Acrylic-vinyl water dispersions, adhesives, paints, varnishes and inks
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