Condensia offers a broad range of ester plasticizers for rubber (CR, NBR, ACM, AEM, ECO, etc.) used in various applications such as automotive, footwear, hoses, gaskets, conveyor belts, O-rings, CVJ boots, etc.

They impart performing benefits to the end products:

  • Reducing the melt viscosity
  • Modifying mechanical properties
  • Modifying thermal properties
  • Fillers compatibilizer
  • Ageing improvement

Glyplast® plasticizer esters are characterized by low toxicity, low volatility, high solvating performance, low migration, high biodegradability, bio-based content and absence of residues and impurities. Due to these remarkable properties these plasticizers are generally adapted to undergo very strict legislations such as European and FDA food contact legislation.

Special esters

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