Plasticizers designed to offer outstanding mechanical properties at very low temperature maintaining an excellent extraction resistance. Sebacates can be used also in high temperature application with excellent resistance to evaporation loss.


Product Name Colour
ASTM D 1209
Ester content
g/cm3 (25°C)
ASTM D 1045
Acid number
mg KOH/g
ASTM D 974
Water content
ASTM E 203
Glyplast DOS
bis(2-ethylhexyl sebacate)
70 >99 0.91 max 0.2 max 0.1 Rubber,and PVC technical articles, belts, tubes, gaskets. Very low temperature cables and hoses
Glyplast DIDS
di(isodecyl sebacate)
80 >99 0.92 max 0.25 max 0.1 Dashboards, electrical wires, technical articles, gaskets, pipes
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